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Edition: 28/6/2022 


Terms & Conditions for Our Hiraya Events 

The following Registration Terms & Conditions (the “Terms & Conditions”) apply to all Our Hiraya events unless otherwise explicitly stated therein. Prior to your registration, you must acknowledge and accept the Terms & Conditions contained herein. Should you not wish to accept the Terms & Conditions you should not register. 

Submission of a registration is regarded as affirmation of your acceptance of the Event Terms & Conditions. 


Terms and Conditions Common to Paid Workshops 

Purchase of a ticket to one of the workshops hosted by Our Hiraya is in acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions: 

  1. The purchase of one (1) ticket is equal to one (1) person attending the workshop unless otherwise explicitly stated in the purchasing option (e.g ticket for team members) and agreed by the purchasing party, 
  2. Physical tickets are not issued. All correspondence and confirmation in relation to the event is communicated via email, 
  3. 100% refund of purchase price of a ticket is valid up to seven (7) business days prior to the workshop date for cancellations, 
  4. A cancellation fee of 50% of the ticket purchase price is applicable for cancellation requests within a three (3) day period of the workshop date (unless waived by Our Hiraya). In such a case, participants can choose one of the two options: they shall send a cancellation request to Our Hiraya via email and either (a) ask for a 50% refund of the ticket price, or (b) ask for a ticket voucher to be valid for 12 months starting from the date of the ticket purchase. If a participant opts for a ticket voucher, he/she will be entitled to use it within 12 months to attend in another workshop of his/her choice provided that the two ticket prices are compatible.    
  5. For non-attendance or ‘no show’ on the day of the workshop, a cancellation fee of 100% of the ticket purchase price is applicable, 
  6. In the event of Our Hiraya having to cancel the event all participants are entitled to a 100% refund of ticket purchase price, 
  7. In the event of Our Hiraya postponing the date of the scheduled event the ticket holders will be given the option to transfer their ticket to the new date or a 100% refund of the ticket purchase price. 
  8. To be entitled to a refund, ticket holders shall send an email to [email protected] including their clear request of cancellation and the details of the workshop subject to cancellation request.  


How we will use your information 

Our Hiraya is committed to data privacy and protecting your personal information. Information on how Our Hiraya collects, processes, and uses your data is included in the Our Hiraya Privacy Policy which is hereby incorporated into these Terms & Conditions.  Additionally, by submitting your email address during the event registration process, you agree that Our Hiraya and its event partners may send you event-related information.  A valid email address is required for all registrations. 

Our Hiraya uses the personal data you provide in this registration for administering your participation in this event.  This may include information about the event’s content, event logistics, payment, updates, and additional information related to the event.  

Our Hiraya may disclose your personal data to third party service providers engaged by Our Hiraya to assist in the conduct of the event (e.g. mobile application provider).  Information you provide when registering for or participating in an event managed or co-sponsored by parties other than or in addition to Our Hiraya may be shared with those parties, and the treatment of such information is further subject to the privacy policies of those parties.  Except as described herein, Our Hiraya will not disclose your personal data to any other third party without your consent except where required to do so by law. 


Non-discrimination policy 

Our Hiraya prohibits discrimination, harassment, and bullying against any person for any reason—for example, because of age, ancestry, colour, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual or affectional orientation, gender identity, appearance, matriculation, political affiliation, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.  


Event conduct and safety 

Our Hiraya is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment to all participants, including staff and vendors, at Our Hiraya-related events. Our Hiraya has no tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or bullying in any form at Our Hiraya -related events. Participants are expected to adhere to these principles and respect the rights of others.   


Intellectual Property Rights 

For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, “Intellectual Property Rights” are any and all rights (including without limitation copyright, trademarks, trade names, know-how, design software applications, websites, rights in databases, compilations and designs, moral rights) and prerogatives, registered or not, arising from the Australian and international legislation on the protection of notably patents, design, trademark, as well as know-how and trade secrets. 

You agree that all elements made available by Our Hiraya or made available via any other hosting organisation in connection with the Event, including, without limitation, notes, records, studies, reports, brochures, drawings or other documents and tangible items including images, texts, comments, graphics, illustrations, logos, icons, brand and products names, are (i) the exclusive property of the Our Hiraya and / or the hosting organisation, and/or of its licensors and (ii) could be protected by Intellectual Property Rights. The Hosting Organisation reserves all rights not expressly granted under these Terms. Except as explicitly authorized by the hosting organisation in writing, they may not be sold, licensed, rented, modified, used, distributed, copied, reproduced, transmitted, publicly displayed, publicly performed, published, adapted, edited or translated, in whole or in part by you to any third party outside of the other registered participants for the Event. These Terms & Conditions do not grant to you any license nor any right to use these elements made available to you except where such use is limited to the purposes of your attendance to the Event.  


Force Majeure 

Our Hiraya will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under these Terms & Conditions that is caused by events outside its reasonable control (“Force Majeure event”) and in such circumstances Our Hiraya may not reimburse any paid Event fees. A Force Majeure event means any event which is beyond our and/or your reasonable control, including but not limited to, Act of God, fire, flood, lightening, storm, earthquake or other climatic or meteorological catastrophes, failure or delay of common carrier or impairment or lack of adequate transportation facilities, accident or repair to machinery, act of sabotage including but not limited to piracy or hacking, embargo, government requirement or action including the imposition of sanctions by any country against Australia or a country in which a party is registered or a country in which the Event is deemed to be staged, war, civil or military authority, terrorism and industrial dispute, strike or labour disturbance, regulatory change or change in law, or any event or circumstance which puts at risk or endangers the health, safety or security of our and/or your personnel, which prevents and/or affects the performance of these Terms & Conditions and/or the staging of the Event, and could not have been prevented, avoided or remedied by the party affected by the Force Majeure event (i.e. the party not able to perform) taking reasonable precautions . Performance under these Terms & Conditions is deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure event continues to affect performance.  


Liability waiver & release 

In consideration of being allowed to register for, and participate in the event, you hereby warrant and represent that you are age 18 or above and freely waive, release from liability, assume all risks, and covenant not to sue Our Hiraya or its members, employees, board members, agents, or volunteers for any expense, loss, damage, personal injury, including loss of life, illness, including but not limited to COVID-19, disability, property damage, or property theft or actions of any kind that you may hereafter suffer or sustain before, during, or after the event, unless said expense, loss, damage, personal injury, including loss of life, illness, disability, property damage or property theft or actions of any kind is caused by the sole, gross negligence of Our Hiraya.  This Liability Waiver and Release is specifically binding upon your heirs and assigns and is knowingly given.  

The views expressed by any event attendee, speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor during an Event are not necessarily those of Our Hiraya.  All attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors are solely responsible for the content of all individual or corporation presentations, marketing collateral, and/or advertising. 


Service as an invited speaker 

If you agree to speak at an event organized by Our Hiraya, we may share your contact and biographical information with event attendees. Sometimes we may also request a photograph. In other cases, we post on the respective event website information such as your name, employer, physical work address, work email address, as well as a link to your company website and/or professional LinkedIn page available to the public. This is so that visitors to the event website, including event attendees and speakers, can contact you with questions and requests for more information, and to provide feedback if needed. Additionally, speakers may be asked to complete a release agreement or copyright form prior to their presentation.  


Credential scanning during the event 

Our Hiraya event co-sponsors, exhibitors, and other third parties may directly request your personal information at their exhibit booths or presentations.  Providing your information to them is optional, and you should review their privacy policies to address your particular needs and concerns about how they will treat your personal information.  

If during the event you attend a session or program hosted by an exhibitor other than Our Hiraya, you understand and agree that when you present your badge for scanning or when you provide personal data, that information will go to that entity instead of Our Hiraya in which case Our Hiraya takes no responsibility for how that company uses your personal information. It is, therefore, recommendable to ensure that you have a full understanding of the Terms & Conditions provided by the third-party organizer.  


Usage of photographic and video material taken at Our Hiraya events 

An attendee is only permitted to take photographs and screenshots, and capture digital images for personal, non-commercial use, provided the photography is not disruptive. Images including Our Hiraya event material may not be published, sold, reproduced, transmitted, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.  

By attending the event, you acknowledge and agree that Our Hiraya may record the event, edit and use footage it captures at the event for marketing and promotional activities and for any other lawful purpose in the ordinary course of its business.  


Right to Change and Severability 

Our Hiraya reserves the right to change, amend, add or remove any of the above Terms & Conditions in its sole discretion and without prior notice. If one or more of the conditions outlined in these Terms & Conditions should become invalid, the remaining conditions will continue to be valid and apply. These Terms & Conditions apply to all event participants (attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors). 


Governing Law and Legal Venue  

These Terms & Conditions and any matters arising out of or relating to it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Australian Law.  

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or the termination invalidity thereof shall be settled by the state or federal courts of Victoria, Australia.    


© Our Hiraya, 2022, All Rights Reserved