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How to Scale Your Sustainable Procurement Program

Challenges of scaling sustainability across supply chain

As sustainable procurement and sourcing programs evolve, many organizations are focusing on how to broaden their sustainability efforts beyond their top Tier 1 suppliers. Working closely with more than 50 to 100 suppliers to help them drive ESG compliance and sustainable development is extremely difficult. There is a limit to the amount of internal resources you can devote to supplier diligence programs, and your suppliers have different levels of maturity and support requirements. This becomes a complex operation that can divert your team’s focus away from their core roles.

Moreover, while collaborating with your top suppliers to create and implement sustainable procurement programs is crucial, it is equally important to scale such efforts to include your whole supplier base, beginning with Tier 1 and moving through Tiers 2, 3, and beyond. This can be a daunting task, but the unique model of Our Hiraya can help you solve this problem.

The power of workflow automations

Our Hiraya’s SaaS platform, NTINDI, uses leading technology and automated workflows to drive sustainable development across 28 ESG criteria, as well as any specific sustainability objectives your organization may have.

Driving internal capacity for suppliers

NTINDI takes your suppliers on a journey. Our workflows within the platform help make sustainable development an easy-to-follow process, with suggested policy templates, actions, and guidance on how to measure and monitor metrics such as carbon emissions, waste, water on a per site basis.

The subscription-based model includes support for your suppliers if and when required in their preferred language provided by our team of global consultants.

Providing real-time visibility for enterprises

Enterprise companies can see the supplier due diligence program unfold in real time and have access to all collected supplier data and reporting. You receive real-time alerts on which suppliers have created policies, implemented actions, or are well on their way to meeting your sustainability objectives.

Reporting can also be tailored to the specific datasets you need from all participating suppliers. This kind of transparency allows buyers within your team to make informed purchasing decisions about which suppliers are best aligned with your sustainability goals.

To address scalability concerns, NTINDI allows you to expand your ESG efforts beyond Tier 1 suppliers. This is done by directly engaging and collecting the right data from your suppliers, as well as mapping and tracking their own suppliers.

Getting started today

Extending your sustainable procurement program beyond your top tier 1 suppliers is essential to mitigating your organizations value chain risks along with achieving your organisations ESG objectives. Our Hiraya’s NTINDI platform makes it easy to scale your program, start working through the tiers, and engage and visualize the sustainable development and disclosure of your entire supplier base.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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