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Get the freedom to select and pay only for partners who are actively engaged in the program. This allows you to allocate resources efficiently and ensure that your investment directly aligns with the level of participation and impact within your network.


Susy Enterprise caters to a wide range of users, including medium to large-sized enterprises, associations, membership organizations, government bodies, chambers of commerce, banks, and financial institutions. Whatever your industry or sector, our solution is designed to help you become a sustainability leader with your partner network.


With a dedicated engagement manager and a team of experienced ESG consultants, we ensure that you have the expertise required to propel your sustainability initiatives forward. Benefit from their knowledge and guidance as they support your program, deliver essential information, and provide reporting on risk mitigation, compliance, and sustainable development.


Our robust platform acts as the backbone of your sustainable development program. Formalize strategies, track partners’ progress, and access advanced analytics to gain valuable insights. With Susy Enterprise, transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making become a seamless part of your sustainability journey.


Harness the collective power of your partner network to drive sustainable development and create a positive impact that extends beyond your organization.


Get in-depth metrics that you can use to meet your regulatory requirements, add to your sustainability or integrated reports, and visualize impact attached to an objective.


We help suppliers work on agreed objectives, and you get to monitor real-time improvements on your dashboard.


Ease suppliers into your program through an introductory webinar that we can co-deliver, plus 1:1 platform training as they move along the roadmap.


Co-design a program charter on your dashboard that aligns with your specific objectives. We will cascade this to suppliers through your preferred communication method (email, call, or automatically via supplier dashboard connections). Go to NTINDI Licenses to learn more. 


Upload your supplier universe into your dashboard and gain valuable insights on high-risk areas. You can choose to adapt or retain your existing program objectives based on these insights.


We turn over your report during our call and explain its value to you.


Your materiality report is automated in 5 minutes.