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Becoming a Sustainable Partner

Join forces for sustainable impact.

Susy Partner is a sustainable development solution made for suppliers, member businesses, customers, and other partners seeking to actively engage with enterprises, trading partners, or membership organizations on sustainable development.

It is designed to complement and support our Susy Enterprise solution, enabling partners to work collaboratively on their sustainability initiatives. 


Adapting to your ESG needs and maturity

Susy Partner is for businesses who:

  Have little to no understanding of sustainability and want to start their journey 

   Face pressure from enterprise trading partners or membership organizations to comply with their sustainability standards  

   Are undergoing due diligence assessments and do not know how to respond meaningfully without the risk of self-declaring or rating poorly

Whose enterprise partners are already subscribed to Susy Enterprise and are invited to participate in their enterprise program 


Powerful software combined with real human support

A sample ESG workflow on greenhouse gas emissions

Equipping partners with the right tools for development

As a partner, understand your inherent ESG and regulatory risks based on your business size, country, and industry, plus get actionable insights on what to prioritize. 

Partners working with a subscribed enterprise partner will have the enterprise program automatically cascaded to their dashboards. 

Be guided with step-by-step workflows that make working on sustainability objectives more efficient and manageable, complete with learning paths and assistance.

Get help from our team to mitigate high-risk areas, create policies, and implement actions based on identified priorities, plus get help on validating your existing documents or developing news ones.

Share your progress tracker with enterprise partners to keep them updated on your progress towards their objectives, or use your progress tracker to provide proof-based documentation on due diligence procedures.


Getting support right when you need it

Get an engagement manager to assist with your program.

Build capacity and knowledge around material ESG objectives through 1:1 meetings, training sessions, webinars, and more.

Get the right industry experts assigned to you based on your objectives and your ESG maturity.

Conduct meetings, training, and other sessions in your native language.

Suppliers receive support from our global ESG team

Want to drive sustainability on your own?

Try Susy Core to achieve your own sustainability objectives.


Our Approach


Get invited to an Susy Enterprise program by an enterprise trading partner.


Get onboarded by a dedicated engagement manager — register on the Susy Partner dashboard, attend introductory webinars, get platform training, and more.

Program Delivery

Get the support that you need to work on agreed ESG objectives and document your progress on the platform.