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Discover Susy - your support system in sustainability

Elevate your sustainable development program. With automated ESG workflows and capacity-building techniques, Susy Enterprise and Susy Core unlock the power of sustainable growth. 

Why Choose Susy for Your Sustainability Needs

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Make informed decisions with comprehensive data analysis and custom reporting.

Global Standards Alignment

Align with international standards and benchmarks for sustainability excellence.

Dedicated ESG Support Team

Local insights, global outlook – your ESG strategy crafted for worldwide impact.

Customizable Workflows

Tailored ESG strategies with Susy Core & Enterprise for every business size.

Doing All the Heavy Lifting for You

We measure risk scores on 24+ ESG areas. This provides a baseline of priorities across your supply chain and business in alignment with your own sustainability objectives.

We help create a tailored policy on a specific ESG area. If a policy is already in place, we help validate or improve it further.

We help launch effective and strategic actions across the operations of your suppliers, offices, sites, factories, or other business units.

We also hold training and workshops to help drive sustainability awareness.

We help collate accurate vetted data and track them against all implemented actions.

Let Susy Lead the Way

Susy is not just another run-of-the-mill software; it’s your partner for sustainability. It is our global ESG team, here to support you at every step of your sustainability journey.

Susy is the genius behind our platform, making sure you have an intuitive and effective tool for achieving your ESG objectives. Susy is us – your dedicated support system for sustainability. 

Empower Your Suppliers on Sustainable Development with Susy Enterprise
Designed for larger organizations, Susy Enterprise offers automated ESG workflows and capacity-building techniques to engage with your suppliers.
Explore Susy Enterprise

Susy Core Freemium

Free Forever
$ 0 Monthly
  • Automated inherent ESG risk mapping
  • 24 ESG workflows complete with learning videos
  • Sustainability maturity assessment
  • News and resources hub
  • Technical chat support

Susy Core Starter

$810/year (10% discount)
$ 75 Monthly
  • Everything on Freemium
  • Unlimited login and access to Susy Core platform
  • Platform onboarding and training
  • 2 hours of support and advisory per month
  • Technical and ESG chat support

Susy Core Pro

$2,970/year (10% discount)
$ 275 Monthly
  • Everything on Freemium,
  • Unlimited login and access to Susy Core platform
  • Platform onboarding and training
  • 8 hours of support and advisory per month
  • Dedicated engagement team

Susy Enterprise

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Our Hiraya’s mission is to make sustainability accessible to all. The company focuses on empowering organizations globally in their pursuit of sustainable procurement and supply chain management. Our Hiraya is committed to supporting businesses in understanding and implementing sustainable practices, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our Hiraya integrates sustainability into procurement processes by utilizing Susy, a comprehensive sustainable procurement solution. This platform helps organizations in developing, implementing, and monitoring sustainable procurement strategies. Our Hiraya offers customized tools and workflows that guide businesses in adopting responsible sourcing practices, reducing environmental impacts, and promoting ethical business operations.

Susy plays a pivotal role in sustainable procurement by offering a platform that facilitates engagement, education, and actionable insights in ESG practices. It helps organizations to not only develop and implement sustainable procurement strategies but also to monitor and track their progress effectively.

Susy Core and Susy Enterprise cater to different levels of sustainability needs and capabilities. Susy Core is a more streamlined solution, ideal for businesses beginning their sustainability journey. It offers basic ESG workflows, risk mapping, and support. On the other hand, Susy Enterprise is designed for larger organizations with more complex sustainability requirements, offering advanced features such as in-depth sustainability strategy

Yes, you can upgrade from Susy Core to Susy Enterprise. This upgrade is designed to be smooth and seamless, ensuring that you retain all your data and progress while gaining access to the broader range of features and capabilities that Susy Enterprise offers.

Susy, through the help of our dedicated ESG team, assist you at every step of your sustainability journey. This includes technical and ESG chat support, one-on-one meetings, webinars, workshops, and ongoing engagement. For Susy Enterprise, you can expect more personalized support, including dedicated account management and more intensive advisory services.

Ready to take your sustainable development program to the next level?

Contact us at [email protected] or book a call through our website.