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The Importance of Getting Suppliers Engaged on Sustainability

Suppliers play a crucial role in the success of any organization, especially when it comes to sustainability. If suppliers are not engaged and aligned with the enterprise and their sustainability objectives, it’s likely that the enterprise will not achieve its goals, targets, and overall objectives. There is also a much higher chance that risk exists within the supplier’s business, such as not complying with ESG regulations. By driving engagement via training, workshops, or one-to-one dialogue, suppliers are more likely to see the benefits of sustainability and deliver quality outcomes. When looking to engage suppliers on the topic of sustainability, consider using some of the following methods: 

Training and education: Provide key stakeholders in your supplier’s organisations with training on your company’s sustainability policies and objectives. This can be done via webinars, in-person workshops, advisory, and other supplier training programs and tools. 

One-on-one dialogue: Have regular discussions with supplier stakeholders about your company’s sustainability goals and how they can help you achieve them. These conversations should be open and honest, with a focus on finding mutually beneficial ways to move forward. 

Sustainability reporting: Require suppliers to provide regular reports on their progress towards sustainability objectives. This provides valuable insights into supplier performance and allows you to hold them accountable for results. The ultimate aim is to collect verified data direct from your suppliers’ sites across their entire organisation and continuously monitor this data to look for improvement or regression. 

Engaging suppliers on the topic of sustainability is essential for ensuring a successful sustainable supply chain. By using some of the methods outlined above, you can start to build meaningful relationships with suppliers that will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Talk with Our Hiraya and find out more about our approach to driving supplier engagement to positive outcomes for trade, people, and the planet. 

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