We Drive Supplier Engagement.
You Get Your Time Back.

Leave the data collection, communication, and relationship-building to us. Achieve breakthrough results without stretching your team thin.

1 Team, 1000 Suppliers?
Yeah, We Get It.

We tackle the most common supplier engagement roadblocks, so you don't have to.

  • Limited Resources: Stretched procurement teams lack the time and bandwidth for meaningful supplier interaction.
  • Data Gaps: Incomplete or unreliable data hinders informed decision-making about suppliers.
  • Lack of Alignment: Mismatched priorities between you and your suppliers create friction and missed opportunities.
  • Outdated Processes: Manual, fragmented processes slow down collaboration and innovation.

Done-For-You Supplier Engagement Program

Our modular engagement programs deliver targeted results based on your biggest challenges – all with a strong foundation in data collection and analysis.

Minimize supply chain disruptions with supplier adherence.

Achieve ESG targets through data-driven supplier collaboration.

Tap into supplier ingenuity to fuel your growth.

Boost efficiency and quality across your supply network.

Solve unique challenges with tailored engagement strategies.


Forget One-Size-Fits-All.
This is How We Drive Engagement.

We leverage a variety of strategies, tailored to your goals and your suppliers’ needs, to unlock the full potential of your value chain.

Direct Messaging Channels

We meet your suppliers on the platforms they prefer for seamless interaction, including regional apps.

Supplier Webinars and Workshops

Tailored content and local language options for maximum supplier understanding.

Educational Training Videos

Bite-sized, accessible resources for suppliers at all levels, tackling topics that matter to you.

Meaningless supplier emails eat up to 15 hours every week.

We take the supplier communication burden off your shoulders. From drafting emails, scheduling follow-ups, automating status updates, to tracking supplier responses and analyzing performance data.

This is one of the many ways we take care of supplier engagement on your behalf.

Why Choose Us

The Our Hiraya Difference

Here’s why procurement leaders choose our programs:

ESG and Beyond

We leverage our ESG and sustainable procurement expertise for solutions that address not only sustainability and compliance but also broader business value drivers.

Service-Led, Tech-Supported

We emphasize personalized engagement while employing our Susy platform as a powerful tool, not a replacement for human connection.

Engagement as KPI

We use engagement as a key KPI in assessing supplier relationships to deliver better value outcomes for both stakeholders.


Ready to engage your suppliers?

Schedule a chat and unlock hidden value through strategic supplier engagement. We’ll discuss your biggest challenges and how we can help you achieve breakthrough results.