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Done-For-You Supplier Engagement Program

Unlock the hidden potential of your supply chain through meaningful supplier engagement. Our proven modular process takes you from strategy to measurable results, transforming your supplier relationships into strong partnerships — all with a strong foundation in data collection and analysis.

Step 1

Module Selection.

Zero in on the biggest pain points dragging you down (Data chaos? Compliance issues? Whatever your priorities are).

Explore all our modules here.

Step 2

Strategy Session.

Partner with your program manager to fine-tune your objectives, identify key suppliers, and discuss any unique requirements.

Step 3

Program Charter.


Co-build a program charter outlining the module, scope, deliverables, timeline, and roles involved, ensuring transparency and alignment.

Step 4

Program Phasing.

We develop a detailed plan for each phase, tailoring strategies based on your selected module and resources.

Learn how we phase programs through our Triple A Framework.

Step 5
Launch & Optimization.
The program launches and we start engaging with your suppliers. This is supported by regular check-ins, progress updates, and adjustments as needed.
Explore our engagement techniques here.
Step 6


Watch progress unfold in real-time with our Supplier Engagement Score along with custom metrics that keep you in the know.

Step 7

Value Creation.

Data-driven reports show the impact on your bottom line – and beyond.


Build your program with us.

Every supply chain is unique. Let’s chat about your challenges and how our programs can drive meaningful transformation for you.